Choose Today

Today could be the most Mondayish Tuesday ever! After a long weekend, the first day of the work or school week always feel like a Monday – no matter what day it is! You may be feeling tired and overwhelmed like me. You may be wishing you had just one more day off. You’re clinging to that cup of coffee (or in the case of my husband, a diet Coke!) like a life preserver. It’s easy to get angry on a morning like today. Your commute might have sucked; somebody might have stepped on your perfectly pedicured toe. But despite all of this, I am asking you to choose today to be happy. Choose today to be grateful. After all your God woke you up this morning, He gave you the provision to buy that cup of coffee, and His grace allowed your legs to carry you on that train. Choose today to take a minute to say this simple prayer :

Lord, I worship you today. Your name is high and lifted up oh God. This day I praise You in everything that I do. Let my mind meditate on You all day. For in You I am comforted, in You I am protected, and in You I am peaceful. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Be blessed today friends!

Love, Andera


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